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G. Edward Lover – Senior Geologist

Mr. Lover is an engineering geologist with nearly two decades of experience in soil/rock analysis, construction materials testing and geotechnical evaluation. He leads the company efforts in the arena of subsurface investigation and geotechnical report preparation.

His responsibilities include the coordination of subcontractor drilling efforts, management of various laboratory testing programs and co-authorization of subsurface reports along with the Glynn engineering staff.

Practiced in the field investigation methods of hollow stem auger boring, Geoprobe direct push boring, mechanical earth auger investigation and test pit examination, Mr. Lover serves as the vital link between the subsurface conditions found at the site and the solution to a variety of foundation problems, both commercial and residential.  Earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from SUNY Fredonia in 1994, Mr. Lover is a Western New York native and member of the Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists.