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Youngmann Expressway Sound Barrier

Challenge: The first contractor for sound barriers used a cumbersome system of positioning frames and the post cast into the foundation holes. The effort required an as-built of the position of the posts and subsequent casting of one-off concrete panels. A better system was needed to permit fabrication of identical elements.

Solutions: A design was prepared that consisted of initially casting the foundations at equal spacing with posts fastened to the piers by means of epoxy anchored bolts set after the concrete cured. The spacing between base plates was kept on cadence by a spacer bar. Once the post was set and secured in place, each barrier panel was slipped into the slot, eliminating a number of previously required steps and their attendant cost.

Results: The contractor moved ahead without schedule delays that plagued the previous contractor, and set the rule for the installation of future barrier walls. The next three contracts were bid using the same system as conceived for this project and the results stand in silent testimony today.