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Steel Curtain, Pittsburgh, PA


The Challenge:

Design over 150 concrete foundations for an S&S steel coaster that has a maximum height of 220 feet and a track length of 4,000 feet. Some of the foundations were to be located in an existing lagoon pond. 


Our Solutions:

Drilled shaft concrete piers were determined to be the most effective design due to the proximity of the columns to each other, the site constraints / soil conditions, and the loads from the coaster supports.


The Results:

The project was completed in multiple phases to help expedite the construction process. The multiple phases allowed for the most efficient construction schedule while allowing for the rest of the amusement park to remain open. The coaster stands as a landmark within Kennywood Park and the surrounding community. At the time of its completion, the coaster was the first amusement attraction themed after a professional football team and boasts the following records: Tallest Coaster in Pennsylvania, most inversions in North America, and a world record for the tallest inversion.


Services Provided:

Structural Engineering – Foundation Design

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