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The Forge – Lemont, Illinois


The Challenge:

Provide the structural design for several standalone and integrated aerial adventure course elements.  The visionary “architecture” of the client, Bonsai Design, included multiple unique forms and a daring list of course elements that required a unique engineering skillset to accomplish. 


Our Solutions:

Our design utilized a varied palette of materials, including structural steel, wood, steel cable, and rope, to bring the client’s vision to life while maintaining a high level of structural adequacy throughout the support elements. 


The Results:

The project now stands as an impressive and one-of-a-kind attraction. The massive site and various elements provide something for everyone to challenge themselves, including children and adults of any skill level.


Services Provided:

Structural Engineering – Design of multiple steel structures to support aerial adventure elements and ziplines

Foundation Design – Design of pier and large mat foundations to support the steel structures

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